Managed Healthcare

Managed Healthcare Unlimited (MHU) is an independent third-party reviewing agency and trusted source of managed care expertise. Through contractual agreements with national and state regulatory agencies, MHU audits health plans and government healthcare programs to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Corollary contractual arrangements include focused investigations of specific health care issues identified for targeted regulatory review and partnerships with government agencies to develop and implement new healthcare programs requiring regulatory oversight.



Managed Healthcare Unlimited is dedicated to quality, parity, timeliness, and accessibility of healthcare and committed to improving the processes and policies that define and advance these ideals.



  • Participate in the healthcare regulatory environment as an agent for progress and integrity in the delivery of quality and timely services to consumers
  • Protect, promote, and educate consumers in their healthcare experiences and best choices to meet individual and collective needs
  • Support and lead efforts to improve all aspects of the healthcare delivery system through insightful design, good management, constructive evaluation, and inspired planning
  • Advocate for opportunities to develop and sustain communities and community groups in meeting and furthering appropriate and necessary healthcare services

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A responsive healthcare compliance program is contingent upon the accurate application of laws and regulations through sound operational policies and procedures.

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